Multi-chain WEB3
Assets Management and Social Trading
built natively on Telegram

Web3 decentralized financial architecture

900 million monthly active users.

4 hours spent in Telegram on average by user.

Robust Mini Apps ecosystem.

Complete infrastructure for social finance

Telegram Strong direction towards Web3 integration – native Telegram blockchain TON.

Telegram Apps compatible with most modern Web3 wallets.

Native Telegram Wallet - TON Space.

Meet TG20 Mini app

Seamless Integration, Unmatched Accessibility

✅ Exchange


Enhanced and streamlined mobile user experience for classic CEX trading.

✅ Web3 Wallet

TG Wallet

Robust tool enabling you to manage all your Web3 assets from multiple chains.

Unlocking Freedom with
Centralized Finance

TGT Token Integration

Use TGT for Trading Fee Discounts: Hold and use TGT tokens to receive discounts on trading fees.

Trade and Invest with Ease

Access a variety of crypto and trading pairs on a secure centralized platform.

Cross-Platform Interoperability

Easy Token Transfers: Move your assets effortlessly with TG20’s cross-chain solutions.

Convenient Payment Solutions

Global Crypto Payments: Accept and make payments in crypto with TG20’s integrated solutions.

Social Trading Network

Connect and Trade Smarter: Harness the collective intelligence of our social trading network

Smart Contract Integration

Automate with Smart Contracts: Explore how TG20's EVM compatibility streamlines operations.

TG Wallet

Centralized + Decentralized

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Roadmap & Timeline

Future of TG20

Q4 2023
  • Launch Gram 20 Protocol
  • Umbrella inscription exchange
  • Gram20 inscription app
  • Protocol Fees generated $3Million
  • Treasury Strategy
Q1 2024
  • Community Building
  • Ecosystem Grants
  • Verified Projects
  • Evolution of GRAM20 to TG20
  • Devrel activities begin
  • Documentation & onboarding
  • Grants for Gamefi
  • TGT Token sale
Q2 2024
In Progress
  • TG20 CEX
  • TGRAM Web3.0 wallet
  • Launch Games in TG Wallet
  • TGT token airdrop to TGRAM holders
  • CEX Listings for TGT
Q3 2024
  • TG Wallet Ecosystem growth
  • TGRAMDAO defi in wallet
Q4 2024
  • ZK-EVM Layer for TON